Stride Janitorial Services is simply the best in Allentown and the surrounding area when it comes to office cleaning services and long-term janitorial contracts. We are also the recognized experts for interior commercial cleaning. Working from floor to ceiling, we promise pristine, spotless, and sanitary environments for employees and entire organizations.

Our team sets us apart from other local cleaning companies. We’ve handpicked each of our crew members because of their passion for exemplary care and borderline obsession with clean and healthy areas. It may seem fairly odd, but there is nothing we would rather do than clean. We’re those people.

Offering unbeatable rates and flexible scheduling, backed by an untarnished track record of excellence, we are proud leaders in the following areas:

  • Commercial cleaning and janitorial services
  • Scheduled maintenance contracts
  • À la carte service offerings

We also offer additional services so we can customize our maintenance plans to your unique needs. Find out more by scheduling your free appointment with one of our consultants. Call the Stride Janitorial team now!

Stride Procedures

Focused on serving the specific needs of high-end, professional office managers and owners, we utilize a strict set of standards to ensure consistently superior results with every service. Our team of cleaning technicians are experts in interior office maintenance. They have been highly trained in the proper methods of commercial-grade cleaning. Using proven, safe, and effective materials and solvents, we combine superior product usage with tried-and-true techniques to deliver uncompromising care to our clients and their commercial areas.

Step-by-step, inch-by-inch, we clean each area of your professional office, allowing you to focus on doing business.

Our service procedures and processes are as follows:

Entryway and reception areas — From the front door to the welcome desk, our crews take care of your lobby areas, ensuring that it reflects the values of your company. By wiping down every surface, removing all debris and trash, and polishing glass doors and windows, our pros leave your most important public areas spotless.

General office areas — From the lights to the floors, every inch of your employee work areas will be kept neat and tidy, free of smudges, cobwebs, and dust. If you’d like individual workstations and desks wiped clean, simply ask the Stride team. We can easily add that to your customized maintenance contract and provide you with all the commercial cleaning services you need.

Executive offices — Paying extra attention to your high-level office spaces, our technicians will ensure that every surface is left pristine. We go above and beyond to handle private bathrooms and workstations with the same level of uncompromising excellence you have come to expect from Stride Janitorial Services.

Restrooms — By taking the time to thoroughly sanitize every square inch of each bathroom, we make sure the private areas of your office are unquestionably clean. We’ll also keep them stocked with tissue, towels, and soap in order to exceed workplace health and safety standards.

Cafeteria and other break areas — We will wipe down all sinks, fixtures, counters, appliances, and cupboards. Stride Janitorial Services will also thoroughly mop or vacuum all floors and remove all trash. We strive to make your employees’ shared areas comfortable and safe.

Conference rooms and other common areas — From stairway handrails to conference room chairs, if it’s expected to be clean, we’ll clean it. Our crews work to ensure every surface is spotless and every room is inviting.

Present an unblemished face to both customers and employees with regularly scheduled janitorial services that exceed expectations. Call Stride Janitorial Services to schedule today. Find out why we are Allentown’s leading commercial cleaning company.